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Welcome to the Official Vandahlia Music Website!

This is where you'll find various announcements, updates, special offers, as well as other bits of information connected to my music and the physical releases of my independent private netlabel: Groovy Ear Records.

However, do note that the main purpose of this website is to provide information that has to do with physical releases and/or changes that I might make to my presence at different music hosting services such as Bandcamp, SoundCloud, YouTube, etc.

In other words: This website does not include or provide notifications regarding new digital releases.

If you wish to receive those kind of specific updates, then I suggest that you consider following me over at Bandcamp since that's the place where new music always will be uploaded first, and one of the perks of being a follower is that they automatically get notified as soon as a new digital release is available (provided the option to receive email notifications is enabled).


Quick Guide:

• Announcements, updates, and special offers can be found in the "News" section.

• Detailed information regarding both my digital and physical releases can be found over at via the "Discography" link.

• The "Digital Releases" link will take you to my Bandcamp catalog.

• The Groovy Ear Records CD catalog, complete with detailed release information and images, can be found in the "Physical Releases" section.

• All my currently available music CDs can be purchased from my CD Shop.

• Free music, as in my remixes of other people's music as well as original track freebies, can be found in the "Free Music Downloads" section.

• EP previews and a select set of music with visuals can be found over at my YouTube channel.

• A short but useful audio terminology glossary can be found here.





"I'm just a goofball who makes music for fun and dabble in different genres."




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