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Physical Releases:

Unlike my digital releases which can be found on Bandcamp and for the most part are EPs or singles, my music CDs are classified as albums containing previously released tracks that have been grouped by specific genres, unless otherwise stated.

A complete list of CD releases along with detailed information and images can be found in the Groovy Ear Records CD catalog, and also over at Discogs.

All currently available CDs can be found in my CD Shop where clicking on a release title similarly will let you view more details.


About Groovy Ear Records:

There really isn't that much to say about Groovy Ear Records since it's nothing more than a private netlabel that I decided to create for myself, just for the fun of it.

However, unlike my digital releases which are "no label" music editions and will remain that way, Groovy Ear Records is a separate entity that I use solely to distinguish physical releases, which means that my personal compilation of Vandahlia tracks on CD are the only type of releases that have a Groovy Ear Records connection and a catalog number.

This is the information you'll find at Discogs if you look up Groovy Ear Records:


"Because all music is art, and all art is a personal expression."

Groovy Ear Records is an independent private netlabel that was established in January of 2023 and is managed by H. Warner, better known by the musical artist moniker Vandahlia.

The focus of Groovy Ear Records is to distribute physical releases of hobby-level music that was created mainly for fun. As a result, releases from this record label are not restricted to any one genre or any specific style of music, but only involves the distribution of original Vandahlia music compositions which are sold exclusively on CD.


Questions and Answers:

• Do I have any plans to ever physically release my music on anything other than CDs?

-- No, I don't. Sorry.

• Would I be willing to promote, host, or distribute someone else's music either digitally or physically?

-- No, I wouldn't. Sorry.

• Do I accept demos?

-- No, I don't. Sorry.



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